Monday, 14 October 2013

Killing Me Softly

Since I was not satisfied with my short trip to Sephora at Champ Elysees, I decided to visit NARS counter at Printemp department store. Thank God it was not full at all so the SA was able to show me around and inform me about NARS products. 
As a newbie to NARS, I wanted to buy a palette instead of single blush / eye shadow so I'm able to try some of their products at one. The SA showed me some palettes they were having at the moment, I remember 2 of them had eye shadows and blushes in 1 palette but I didn't like the eye shadows so I settled with the blush palette ; Killing Me Softly. 

Killing Me Softly includes their very famous golden peach blush Orgasm, a matte redish coral Gilda, a golden rose Outlaw and the luminous golden highlighter Albatros. It would be perfect if it had Laguna as well. But you can't have it all at once, yes?
The 4 blushes come in typical NARS packaging, a little bit bigger than its usual blush size.

3 of 5 shades in this palette have golden shimmer which all look good and flattering on the skin. Gilda is so far my favorite shade in this palette, followed by Orgasm then Outlaw. Outlaw is so bold and pigmented it is a bit hard to apply. The color reminds me a lot of Red Vino from Milani. I think it would look very nice on people with deeper complexion. 
Albatros , as the only highlighter in this palette is surprisingly nice. It is not too shimmery for my liking and it gives such a nice highlight on the cheekbones. 
All blushes in this palette have okay texture I'd say, smooth and velvety except for Orgasm which is a bit flakey because of the glitters. Pigmentation and staying power are all good but nothing groundbreaking imho . I paid 42€ for this palette which includes 4 shades and 6 gr of product in total. 

( I was wearing albatros as highlighter on all of these picts above )

I am to be honest not very impressed with NARS blushes so far.. I think they are not bad in terms of quality but they are def overpriced. I don't think they're worth the price. T.T 
Do you like NARS Blushes? Which shade is your favorite?


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