Wednesday, 2 October 2013

I Feel You, I Love You, I Adore You

P2 is a local german drugstore brand. The brand used to has 'boring and old fashioned' image - at least to me , but for the past year, they changed a lot of their design and product range .
Just recently, P2 launched their new collection for fall winter ( in Germany, almost all drugstore brands change their collection every summer and winter ) and the collection includes a new range of matte lipsticks. I've read from a lot of german blogs that the new matte lipsticks are good, so I picked up 3 shades.

The lipsticks come in sleek matte silver bullets which look kinda cheap imho, but they're cheap so I won't complain. :p

#030 - I feel you

#040- I love you

#050- I adore you

#030-I feel you is a bright fuchsia which is not very deep. I'd call it baby fuchsia. It looks more muted and wearable on the lips.
#040-I love you is a bright pinkish red. It appears more red on the lips with a hint of raspberry. The shade reminds me a lot of MAC impassioned but slightly more red and less coral.
#050-I adore you is a grape red color. It is a light vampy shade I'd say. It looks very dark on the bullet but appears lighter on the lips. If you want a wearable vampy shade, this is it.

The lipsticks have typical matte texture. They are creamy enough but still a bit dry. They are easy to apply and don't tug on the lips or set into the lip lines. They are not the most moisturizing lipsticks, but it's normal for matte lipsticks I guess. They deliver true matte finish, no shine/shimmer/gloss at all.
Since it's getting cold here and my lips get dry easily, I usually apply lip balm underneath so my lips won't suffer too much. Applying lip balm beforehand also helps the lipsticks glide on smoother.
The staying power is impressive. They don't go anywhere even after eating, drinking and a lot of talking. 
Overall, these lipsticks are indeed very good especially for the 3,95€ price tag. I do think they are great dupe for MAC matte lipsticks.

Which color you like the most?

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