Thursday, 10 October 2013

Coral Reef

Coral reef is my latest addition to my 100++ "chubby stick style" lip balm. I got it for free as magazine freebie. The brand ; Beyu is not familiar to me as it is kind of limited in distribution. The price range is more on the higher side of the drugstore ( together with L'oreal and Maybelline ) but it is not available in drugstores but in Douglas ( German version of Sephora ).
This chubby stick lip balm is my 1st product from Beyu.

Packaging wise, it is 1 : 1 with its inspiration the Clinique Chubby Stick.

Coral Reef is a orangey-coral shade. It actually looks more pale and peachy in real life, but my camera makes it look very orange -.-. I am very surprised with how pigmented it is. I thought it would be sheer but it is not. 
The texture is emollient and balmy, it feels comfortable on the lips but not very moisturizing / hydrating. It is hassle free to apply, but a mirror would help since it is very pigmented there's a chance it will bleed. The finish on the lips is balmy and glossy, just like normal tinted lip balm will look like. But be careful, it can set into lip lines because the formula is a tiny bit waxy. 

As you can see on the picts above, it is very pigmented. The coverage is opaque with a texture of lip balm which is very nice.. I just wish it was a bit more hydrating.

What do you think of the color?

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