Monday, 7 October 2013

Innisfree Nail Polish

A lovely friend of mine who lives in South Korea was very kind to buy me this nail polish set from Innisfree. Since I have another friend who was travelling to South Korea in summer, he brought this set home to me! *thank you Anselm and Syaza! <3*

The nail polish set comes in a beautiful eco friendly box which looks very 'earthy'. I have heard a lot about Innisfree being an eco friendly brand using a lot of natural ingredients . The set contains 2 nail polish shades , the blue one has fuzzy powder and mini brush to apply the powder and the lavender one has pearl with little tool to apply the pearls. Since I am not allowed to wear either fuzzy or pearl nails to work, so I have only tried the nail polishes. 

The nail polish comes in a very simple bottle with white cap. I love the simplicity of the packaging, and it looks shopisticated and still manage to look 'asian' imho :p

Disclaimer : I tried my best to find a number or shade's name but it is all written in korean and I understand next to nothing. lol so I'm gonna name the lavender one #1 and the blue one #2 .

#1 is a creamy lavender. It has creamy finish with no shimmer, a true pastel shade. It appears a bit sheer and uneven, it takes 3 coats to get opaque and it gets a bit gloopy after 1st coat, even though I wait until it completely dries.
#2 is a matte medium blue. It has lovely formula, not like the lavender one. It takes literally 1 coat to get opaque and it applies evenly and not gloopy at all.
Both nail polishes dry relatively fast and they don't chip easily. I got 4-5 days ( with top coat ) before they started to chip.

Overall, I think quality-wise they are fine. The blue one is great but the lavender one is not very impressive. I don't know how much they cost so I can't really tell if they are worth the price. But I think Innisfree's prices are drugstore range so these nail polishes are quite decent products.

Have you tried something from Innisfree?

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