Sunday, 20 October 2013

Bye Bye Redness!

Redness around the cheek area is my main problem. I don't deal a lot with acnes or blemishes but my cheek area is so sensitive it gets red even with the lightest rub. I usually apply more foundation around the area or concealer but sometimes it is not enough or the finish is not what I really want to. So when I saw the review on Beautizine, I knew I had to have it. ( ps : this video from QVC made me even more wanting to get it )
Since it cosmetics is not available in Germany both in store and online, I was very happy when a friend of mine who was travelling to NYC could get me this product ( and some other of course :p )

It cosmetics describes the product as a neutralizing correcting cream. It comes in a little jar container. The packaging is not the most hygiene or travel friendly but I think it's okay because with this kind of container, I can literally use it till the last drop.

The texture of this cream is lightweight and airy. It feels like a mix between liquid foundation and Benefit Porefessional. It has powdery feeling to it. It dries to velvety matte finish and it is very rich in pigmentation.
I usually apply it with my finger because brush tends to absorb the product. A little goes a looooong way as it is very pigmented. I only need half a pea size amount to cover both my cheek areas and another small spots. The jar contains only 11ml of product but I believe it will last me for quiet awhile. 

I am very very happy with this product. It really covers redness without being cakey or thick or dull looking. It provides a smooth and flawless canvas before I apply foundation. It evens out the skin tone very well. Some people like to wear it as foundation but I don't really like it because it looks kind of ashy on me when it's applied alone. It cosmetics also claims it to have skin care benefit which I can't confirm yet but it does melt into the skin effortlessly. I also don't have problem with the shade even though it is a 'one shade fits all' product. And to be honest , I think people with deeper complexion won't have problem as well.

the light washed out the redness a bit, it was actually more 'red' than in the picture.


The staying power is good and my face stays flawless all day in combination with a good foundation + powder. 
I am overall head over heels with this product. I agree that it is life changing esp for people that deal with redness like I do. It works wonder and def worth every penny. Now I started to worry how to get back up since I can't buy it anywhere from Germany T.T

It retails for $32 /11ml

Have you ever heard of this product? 

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