Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Current Obsession

I am usually not a fragrance person. I always stick to 1-2 fragrances I really love and not looking for what's new on the market ( in this case, Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue and Estee Lauder Sensous ) .. I always re-purchase the same fragrances over and over. But, that was an old story since now fragrances are my current ( dangerous! ) obsession.
I've been interested for awhile on Jo Malone Perfumes. On the first place, I am in love with the whole presentation ;  the packaging, the bottle, the box, how they present their products, etc etc.
As I am now working part time in a where they have a new Jo Malone store, the temptation is too much to resist. I tried my best though ( HAHA ), but as usual, I failed.

It says 'Customized Perfumes'

It says : "Create your own scent"

Look at the whole packaging!! so pretty , right? The small paper bag contains 3 samples the SA gave me. She was really nice, friendly and helpful. I love nice and friendly SA!!

The perfume comes in a box which is so pretty and I am in love. The box isn't just a normal cheap looking box you usually throw away. This box looks expensive , made of nice sturdy paper board, and you can use it as home decor whatsoever. lol. I personally put it on my vanity table just to make it prettier and more fancy. ( shallow me. lol )

The perfume I chose is Vanilla & Anise which is part of the 'Spicy/herbal' scent. I wanted something deep and heavy for winter but also still light enough for everyday use. The SA gave me 3 alternatives ( English Peer & Freesia, Blue Agava & Cacao, and Vanilla & Anise ), among them, I found Vanilla & Anise completes my need the best. My 2nd favorite was the Blue Agava & Cacao but it was a little to heavy for everyday use.
Vanilla & Anise smells just like Vanilla and Anise ( HAHA, I am so horrible at describing scent! ). Okay, it smells sweet but not kind of Escada's sweet ( if you know what I meant ), but more a deeper sweet. The Anise gives a touch of licourice hint to the perfume which is a good balance for the deep sweet vanilla. I would say, Vanilla&Anise is just my perfect definition of a warm -  fall perfume and a nice combination of herbal and floral. 

Jo Malone perfumes retail for 88€ / 100ml which I think , is a reasonable price. With all the luxurious packaging, 88€ is not a high price. They also have a more expensive line with black bottles that retail for 105€ / 100 ml.. I am now interested on the body lotion but not sure if I want to spend 65€ #1stworldproblem.

What is your all time favorite perfume? or Do you have some on your wish list?  Mine are Roberto Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli, and Valentina by Valentino, Marc Jacobs DOT and Miss Dior Cherie.. See? I have just bought this and already lusting over so many other perfumes -___-


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