Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Body Needs Haul - Part 1

Do you know about The Body Needs? It's basically an online store that sells MAC sample products like lipsticks, blushes, pigments ,etc. TBS also sells its own line of make up like pressed eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes, etc.
I personally think, the concept of being able to try MAC Lipsticks with cheap price ( 3,79$ ) is really interesting. Because MAC Lipsticks in  Germany retail for 18-22€ each. 

My order took about 3 weeks to arrive from the US. I was surprised to see a lot of products inside. TBS generously gave me some goodies. I got 1 sample of brush cleaner,1 glitter pigment and 1pressed eye shadow. I also got 1 full size TBS lipstick. I am really happy with the service. Recommended!

Here are the TBS products I got for free. I'll review them on separate post.

The MAC lipstick sample comes in a relactable mini bullet which is really well made. The lipstick bullet consists of ( approximately ) 80% lip balm and 20% MAC lipstick on the top of it.. With that amount of sample , you can try the lipstick for longer time and decide whether it's worth the money to buy the full size version. Great idea, right?

I ordered 5 MAC lipstick samples ; Girl About Town, Impassioned, Ruby Woo, Syrup, and Speed Dial. I decided to order those samples because I have love-hate relationship with MAC lipsticks.
I find some MAC lipsticks are pretty and they have good quality. But some of them are drying, too matte, and enhance the lip lines. Since they retail for 18-22€ here, I don't want to spend money on colors I am not sure I'll wear a lot. Then The Body Needs came to the rescue! :-D

Among the 5 colors I ordered, Ruby Woo and Impassioned are my favorite..Syrup and Speed Dial are a bit too cool-toned for me, while Girl About Town is another fuschia shade that looks pretty but I know I won't reach for it often enough. So, I might buy the full size version of Ruby Woo and Impassioned the next time I visit MAC counter.  :-D


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