Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Beauty Cottage Chic & Charm Blusher

Beauty Cottage is a thailand brand of cosmetics. It claims to be made of natural ingredients. The packaging is really cute and victorian-like which I love. I don't know if they're available outside Thailand, because I got mine from my sister who visited Bangkok last summer holiday.

Look at the pretty box!!

Even though the box is really pretty and victorian-like, the blush case comes in a very simple design. The blush comes in a metalic pink plastic case. The case is very light and not really sturdy looking. But I like the simplicity of it.
What I'm most excited about is the blush itself! It's embossed with a beautiful pattern. It looks really pretty on the pan.

The blush has smooth and soft texture. It's finely milled and not powdery. The pigmentation is also really good but nothing over the top. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the name of the shade I have, but it's a trully apricot-coral blush. The blush is matte and gives a satin finish.
The blush lasts for a good 5-6 hours before requiring any touch up.

Overall, I think the blush is a good product but it's not groundbreaking. I am also not an expert on ingredient thing, so I don't know if this blush is really made of natural ingredients.


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