Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Why Do I Wear Make Up?

There's a TAG going on fellow german blogs recently. Since the TAG is in german language, I'll do the english version in my blog. So the TAG is "Why Do I Wear Make Up?", basically we post picture of ourselves, half bare face half with make up and tell our story why do we wear make up, when did we start wearing make up, insecurities, etc etc. I think this TAG is interesting and nice, so here is my story.

When did you start to wear make up?
  • I first wore make up when I was in high school. It was only eye liner and lip gloss, since we weren't allowed to wear make up at school. But when I was going out with friends outside school, I did wear more make up, like lipstick, powder, mascara and blush on, ( all in minimal-sheer application ) but still no foundation. I started wearing foundation when I was on grade 12 or my senior year of high school. My first foundation was the one from Paul&Joe. 
How do you feel without make up?
  • I ( almost ) always wear make up everytime I go outside. I honestly feel insecure to go outside my appartment without having foundation / BB cream on. I don't really know if it's insecurity or if it's just a habit. On daily basis, I usually only wear BB Cream, blush, mascara and tinted lip balm. I wear a full face make up only if I go to work, or if I go out with friends or having special ocassion.  I enjoy the process of getting ready and applying make up so much and I really find it kind of relaxing.
What do you like about make up?
  • I basically love almost everything about make up. I love to express myself with make up and I love how make up can change someone's life. 
Tell your story about your growing love for make up!

  • My (unhealthy) love with make up started to grow stronger after I moved to Germany. Mainly because I could finally express myself the way I want to ( in Indonesia, like most asian countries, sometimes you just can't express yourself the way you want to because you're afraid of what ppl say or think ) and also because my transition period from teenager to adult, and because of the existense of drugstore which is not really exist in Indonesia. 
Tell your 3 holy grail make up products!
  • BB Cream ( I can't choose between Tony Moly and Missha Perfect Cover :$ )
  • Koress Lip Butter in Pomegranate
  • MAC Blush in Desert Rose ( I have a lot of blushes, but when I need a natural looking blush that lasts me the whole day, I always grab this one )

Please feel free to do this TAG!, I would love to know your story too!


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