Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Palettes

I finally managed to get my hands on the famous Wet n Wild eye shadows! I've read and heard for some fellow german bloggers that Wet n Wild is actually available in Germany, at a supermarket called Edeka. The problem is; not all Edeka carries WnW products. Thanks to FrauShopping, I found out that there's one Edeka near where I live that carries WnW. I went there last week and found the whole display of WnW waiting for me. :-D

The prices are unfortunately more expensive than the prices in the US, but are still fine for drugstore products; even cheaper than Maybelline and L'Oreal here in Germany. The 3-er eye shadow palette retails at 3.99€, the 6-er at 6.99€ ,  the lipstick at 3.99€ ,  the blush for 4.99€ and nail polishes for 1.99€ ( Wild Shine range ) or 3.49€ ( Fast Dry range )..

GREED 6-er Eye Shadow Palette
My favorite shades are the matte peach ( 2nd on the left side of the palette ) and the periwinkle ( 1st on the right side of the palette ). The periwinkle is so pretty !!

KNOCK ON THE WOOD 3-er Eye Shadow Palette

I love all of the colors but if I must choose, my favorite is the eyelid color. It's a sheen plum shade which is bright enough to pop but still wearable for daily use. I've been loving plum eye shadow this season.

WALKING ON EGGSHELLS 3-er Eye Shadow Palette

This is most wearable palette among the other palettes I bought. There's actually no extra ordinary shade, but I still find the palette interesting and useful. My favorite shade is the crease one.

Overall, WnW eye shadows are amazing for the price level. They are all buttery and soft ( the glittery shades could be a little bit rough, but are still okay ). They are not dusty whatsoever and the pigmentation is great! They also stay the whole day over a good primer.
I think they are def worth the price!


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