Friday, 19 October 2012

P2 Sheer Glam Lipsticks

P2 has currently changed some of its products , took out some old ones and added some new stuffs to the permanent collection. I spotted this new sheer glam lipstick range at my local DM, and after some swatches , I decided to take 2 of them home.

Generally, I'm not a fan of the packaging. First thing, I don't like the cheap looking red metalic bullet  Second thing, this bullet catches finger prints like crazy and I am OCD when it comes to finger prints. Third thing, the bullet is kinda big and bulky, so basically the packaging got zero point from me.

Only from the swatches you can see how glossy and balmy like the finish is.

P2 named the lipsticks on this Sheer Glam range based on movie titles. Sex&City is a glossy mauve color and Casablanca is a glossy sheer everyday kind of red color. The formula of these lipsticks reminds me a lot of Revlon Lip Butter, only the pigmentation isn't as good as the lip butter. But speaking of the formula, they are just in between lip balm and lipstick. 
The application is nice and smooth because of the lip balm texture, and because they appear to be sheer, the application is really easy and you don't really need to worry they are going to be messy.
The staying power isn't really good because of - once again - the balmy texture, but it feels really comfortable on the lips and it hydrates the lips as well. I can't sense any noticeable scent, so It might be fragrance free.

Despite of the ugly packaging, I think these lipsticks are great alternative for Revlon Lip Butter, especially for us who live in Germany and don't have any access to get Revlon Lip Butter.
For 2,99€, they are def worth to try.


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