Sunday, 30 September 2012

September Favorites!

OMG It's now October!! ( Sorry, I know everybody says so, but I have to say this. lol ). So,summer holiday is over! :'((( and the winter semester of university has just begun :'(((.. 
But anywaaaaaay, there are always excited things ahead! I am excited for winter, and also for christmas!! I can't wait until they open the Christmas Market , and all the store windows having christmas decoration! Christmas is the best time of the year!! 

Okay, now to the products I've been loving last month.. 

  1. Tony Moly Dear Me Pure Cotton BB Cream - I've been neglecting my  Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream ever since I got this. This is really good BB Cream and also less ashy than Missha. One important thing, is that it has high SPF which I looooove because I am tad scared of exposing my skin to the sun. :$
  2. Maybelline FIT ME Concealer - I am lucky that I don't really have problem with under eye area, or acne scars that I have to cover. But as university life begins ( in combination with working part time ), I do have lack of sleep. So concealer is needed now T.T.. I don't have a lot of concealer, so I only use what I have. Fortunately, this works just fine for me.
  3. Mememe Shimmer Stacks in Pink Zest - I have a lot of blushes but I've been wearing this shimmer stacks often since I got this on August. It gives a nice sheen-satin finish on my cheeks and I feel like glowing when wearing this blush.
  4. Kiko Creamy Lipstick #399 - This is just the perfect lipstick for everyday. It's not too pink nor too red. It also has creamy matte finish, just the right amount to wear to work or uni. It also stays on a long time.
  5. Paul & Joe Pressed Powder Duo Compact - I bought this because I thought this would make a great highlighter, and I was right. Because this duo compact has 2 part, one matte and the other one with shimmer. So I use the matte one on daily basis and the shimmery one on special ocassion when I want more 'shine'.
  6. Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara - Perfect for bottom lashes. The brush is tiny so it's easy to use. It doesn't smudge. It's affordable. Nice nice!
  7. Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara - I recently reviewed about this on my blog. I've almost used this up because I use this every single day.
  8. Essence Black Pencil Eye liner - This one is really affordable,and relactable ( which I love because I hate sharpening eye liner ), it's tiny so it's easy to use. It doesn't smudge at all. The texture is soft enough to be used on the water line . It's perfect for a 1,99€ product.
So, that's all the products I've been loving and using a lot last month. I didn't really buy a lot of new make up since drugstore make up is a little bit boring at the moment. And I am also saving it for holiday collection which is on the way now. I know I'm gonna spend a lot more on high end cosmetics the next months because all the holiday collections look sooooooo nice on the ads.
Do you already have a crush on some holiday collections? 


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