Thursday, 25 October 2012

Vampy Lips

Deeper red shades a.k.a Vampy lips have been a huge trend for this fall/winter season. I am actually a fan of dark red / burgundy lip shade especially when the weather is getting colder and colder. I love to wear simple eye make up, sheer blush and dark bold lipstick in winter.

Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb in the tube looks like a perfect dark cherry color, and because it's only 3,99€, I took it anyway even though there was no tester on the display.
The lipstick bullet is not the prettiest, but I don't have a lot of to complain because the product itself is a nice one. 

See? The color is really nice, right? The lipstick feels a little bit hard , but it's typical for matte lipstick. But on the lips, it looks quite velvety and rich. 
Cherry Bomb is a dark cherry shade with a hint of purple and red undertone. It is a true definition of a vampy shade, but could go a little too 'emo' so sometimes I mix it with another red shade.
The pigmentation is amazing and rich and it lasts for a long time on me.
But since this is a matte lipstick, you have to make sure your lips are in perfect moisturized condition because this lipstick could be drying. 

*Please mind my pouty expression. lol*

Overall I love this lipstick. I'm not a fan of the formula, and I'm sure this kind of formula won't work as well for lighter shades. But, the formula works just fine with darker shades, like this one.
If Wet n Wild is available in your country and you want to try vampy lipstick that is affordable, this one is worth a glimpse.


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