Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Burberry Light Glow Cameo Blush

As much as I don't need any new blushes ( and lipsticks ) , I just keep buying new ones. I've been wanting to try Burberry blushes for so long, but I always try my best not to because I know I'm not going to be able to say no once I try this on. And yes I am right.

Oh, look at that box! pure luxury.

The gunmetal case is beautiful . It has Burberry Nova pattern printed all over it. My only concern is that the metal case catches finger prints like mad. ( You all know I'm OCD when it comes to finger prints, don't you? ). But despite of the finger prints, the case is just amazing. It's sturdy, it has magnetic close so it's easy to open and nail friendly. ( Have you ever broken your nails accidentally when opening a 'hard to open' make up packaging? I have. and not only once. ). The little brush that comes with it is actually a good one, the bristles are soft.

Please ignore the arrow.

Once again, please ignore the arrow. :p

Cameo is a dirty rose shade, with subtle peachy sheen. I picked  up this shade because I wanted something that looks natural and can be worn almost everyday on any ocassion. The texture is super soft, smooth and buttery. I didn't experience any fallouts when applying this blush. It also applies smoothly and gives a natural 'blushing' effect on the cheeks.
If you want a blush that isn't easily go over the top or clown-like, you def should try this one. Because even though the pigmentation is great, this blush blends easily and perfectly on to the cheeks and you can build up the intensity from sheer to heavy, but not over the top-heavy.

As much as I love this blush, the heavy pricetag is still a downside. It retails for 35€ but you get 7gr of product which I think is quite generous amount for high end brand cosmetic. 
Once again, Burberry successfully satisfied me with their product, and I'll def see the other shades they have. ( I'm looking at you, Earthy and Blossom! )


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