Saturday, 1 September 2012

Catrice Cucuba Loose Eye Shadow + Mono Eye Shadow

I am usually not a fan of loose eye shadow because they're messy and mostly on bright colors which I don't really wear. But I know I am such a 'curiously' stupid person, so I often buy things I know I will not wear / use only based on curiousity ( and a little hope that they might work for me or look good on me, which unfortunately failed. ) 

Catrice recently launched new limited edition called 'Cucuba' with bright sparkling loose eye shadows , which I knew exactly I wouldn't wear but still bought anyway ( stupid, ain't I ? ). But , Thank God I still have some logic in my head so I also bought 1 mono eye shadow that I've been wearing a lot since the day I bought it ( read : not a waste like the other 2 bright and sparkling loose eye shadows ).

Some of you might have known good things about Catrice's mono eye shadows ( Lovely Kate from Drivelaboutfrivol blogged about them HERE ). They come in a nice trasparant and sturdy and expensive looking packaging . The pigmentation I must say is really good and the quality is top. The texture is soft and buttery, it isn't dusty and doesn't crease once applied on the lids. With a good eye primer, the eye shadow will last the whole day.

And here are my impulsive loose eye shadows!! Despite my own stupidity, these loose eye shadows are good in quality. They have great pigmentation, and actually aren't as messy as I at first imagined. Even though they're shimmery but they don't feel like glitters. Before, I always thought loose eye shadows are the same in texture like pigments. lol.
The color I bought are "Take it Mint" which is a true mint color and "Havana Dream" which is a coppery-orange shade. Considering the price ( 2,99€ ), they're not  bad product at all.

Judged on the quality, all of these eye shadows ( esp, the mono one ) are really good. I know Catrice products are available in some European countries, but not yet in the US , Asia or Australia ( unlike its sister, Essence. Yes, they both belong to the same company called Cosnova ). If you're able to get your hands on them, Catrice's eye shadows are worth trying.


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