Monday, 10 September 2012

Essence Cherry Blossom Mini Haul

Essence is currently having a limited edition called Cherry Blossom Girl. It is inspired by the cherry blossom flowers. I kinda like the concept though I think it's a bit late since now the auntumn is coming. This LE would have done better if it was launched in spring, IMHO. 

Anyway, this LE contains a shimmering body powder, a duo blush, 2 lip pencils, 1 eye shadow quad, 4 nail polishes, 2 thin and thick eye liners, 1 highlighter pen and 1 paper eye lashes. I actually wanted to take the shimmering powder and the lip pencils too, but there wasn't a tester for the powder and I read a lot of not so good reviews about the lip pencils so I decided to leave them and take the duo blush, paper lashes and the thin-thick eye liner in black.

The blush comes in a round case which has see through lid. It is not the most beatiful packaging but I know it was made that way because they want to show the beautiful flowers pattern on the blush. It doesn't come with   a mirror or a mini brush which I am keen of.

The blush itself belongs to the orange-coral family. I personally love the shade and I like how it turns out on my cheeks. But, the blush is pressed too hard, it's so difficult to swatch it with my fingers and get some color. At first I thought this wasn't going to work, but when I brushed my blush brush over it, it worked just fine. It does get a little dusty with a brush, but I'm okay with it. The pigmentation is mediocre, but it means you don't have to be really careful on the application.
The blush costs 2,99€ and you get 9gr of product. A generous amount, right?

The 2nd thing I bought is the 2in1 eye liner. It has 2 sides, one has thick pen and the other one has thin pen. I bought this eye liner pen because I had huge expectation this would be great alternative for my all time beloved Essence Waterproof Liqud Eye liner. 
But, after swatching it, I realized this is an absolute No Go for the eyes. It's written on the body of the pen that this eye liner could discolour your skin or your contact lense. I swatched it on my hands and it was extremely pigmented, it felt more like a permanent marker. It was also really hard to remove. I tried to remove it with Balea and Lancome waterproof eye make up remover but it didn't work. I washed it with running water and soap plus powerful rubbing but the stain was still there. I finally tried nail polish remover, and it finally removed the black stain but still like only 98% of it. 
I can't imagine removing this from my eyes with nail polish remover. No thank you.

I haven't tried the paper lashes ( and I honestly don't know if I would ever get any chance to use it. lol ) so I can't say much about it.
Overall, I think this LE is rather dissapointing. Even though I kinda like the blush but it isnt groundbreaking. And the eye liner is an absolute No Go.


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