Saturday, 15 September 2012

Please Meet My New Love

How much money would you spend for a lipstick? I personally don't really have a number in my head, but I tend to spend less on one single lip product , compare to foundation or blush for example. 
But when I visited Burberry Make Up counter at Harrods to try their new velvet finish foundation, I fell in love with the lipsticks. ( I fell in love with the foundation too, and regret that I didn't buy it straight away. Now I'm back in Berlin and I have to wait until next month until the Burberry Make Up counter in Lafayette gets the velvet finish foundation T.T )

*Please mind my chunky banana finger*

The packaging of the lipstick is AMAZING. I think among other high end brands like YSL, Chanel, Dior, Tom Ford etc etc , Burberry has the most beautiful yet shopisticated packaging, IMHO.
The lipstick comes in a metal packaging with the famous Burberry Nova pattern printed or embossed or whatever all over the bullet. The metal is definitely not cheap metal or anything and it also has a magnetic closure. The lipstick itself has Burberry Nova pattern all over it. Super pretty.

*How it looks like right after the application. Photo taken with flashed camera*

*How the color looks like 7 hours ( YES!! 7 hours ) after application, include eating, drinking, and blabbering about how great the lipstick is.Photo taken under natural day light.*

Now to the quality, I must say this lipstick is amazing to the max. The texture is creamy but perfectly creamy so it is not slippery or difficult to apply ( You know some creamy lipsticks are so creamy they are difficult to apply ). The pigmentation is amazing, and the staying power is unbelievable. I have YSL Glossy stain which also has great staying power. But after 4-5 hours the color fades away and leaves you only with a hint of stain. But this lipstick, even after 7 hours doesn't really fade. It is still there on your lips, looking just fabulous as at the first second you applied it. 
I took the lip cover ( Burberry has 2 different range of lipsticks ; Lip cover and Lip mist . Lip cover has more pigmentation than Lip mist ) shade #20-Hibiscus. Hibiscus is a deep red with a slight of magenta hint. It is a wearable version of vampy lips and perfect for fall and winter.
One thing I 'slightly' don't like about this lipstick is that it has really strong floral scent that lingers on. I know a lot of people have been complaining about the strong scent, but since I don't really have problem with scented make up, so I can glady ignore it ;)

This lipstick retails at 23GBP or 26€. Compare to Dior, Chanel,YSL, or Tom Ford lipsticks, this one from Burberry is a little cheaper. But the quality is beyond the price. Love love love.


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