Tuesday, 25 September 2012


I received NYX Glitter Cream Palette and Jumbo Pencil inside my September's Douglas Box of Beauty. I was really excited to try the glitter cream palette and expected it to be great, because usually NYX products aren't dissapointing. I am already familiar with the Jumbo Pencil since I have it in Milk, and I think the quality is okay.

When I first saw the glitter palette, I was happy because all the glitter's shades look wearable and pretty, until I saw on the back side of the case that it's not intended to be used around the eye area. So where should I apply the glitter? -______-" 

I got the jumbo pencil in color black bean. It's a matte black color. The consistency is soft and creamy. The pigmentation is also great. NYX Jumbo Pencil is no question a good product especially for the price. One thing I don't really like is that the pencil isn't relactable. I just think it's not practical. 

Back to the glitter cream palette, this is how it looked like after I did some swatches. It was so messy and flakey. The glitters just sat on the top of the vaseline ( I don't know if it's really vaseline, but the cream feels like vaseline ). When I swatched it, the glitters just got everywhere. Since it's written on the packaging that it's not intended to be used around eye area, I didn't try to apply it on my lids. So I can't say much about the staying power or if it creases on my lids. 

It's such a pitty that the glitters don't work because the colors are pretty.. I would love to use it on my lids, on the top of eye shadow or as eye liner. Unfortunately they aren't intended to do so. T.T
I'm happy I didn't have to pay for this ( Okay, I pay for the subscription, but it's not like I 'directly' buy it. Hope you understand what I meant. lol ) , otherwise I would be more dissapointed.
Fortunately the jumbo pencil is good.


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