Friday, 7 September 2012

Paul & Joe Pressed Powder Duo Compact Highlighter

As I posted HERE, I bought 2 Paul&Joe products at Harrods-London , and now I'm going to write my in depth review on the 2nd product which is a powder duo compact highlighter.

The pressed powder comes in a really beautiful beige-pink case embossed with flower pattern on the top. The case has a round mirror inside and a powder puff. I don't use the puff, because I apply the product using my powder brush.
The case is made of plastic but feels sturdy and well made. The packaging is groundbreaking. I purchased the product mainly because of the beautiful case, even though in the end I end up liking the product even more than the case.

The powder has 2 sides, one side is a pure white color and matte and the other one has shimmer. The shimmering part is smaller but it's completely fine because you only need a little amount of product. The powder is finely milled, it's perfectly pressed so you get just the right amount of product and pigmentation. I especially adore the texture of it, because it feels so soft and silky.

I apply the powder ( I mix both parts ) on the highest part of my cheek bones. It looks really subtle but you can see the difference it makes. I also apply the matte part on my T-zone to mattify the oily part. This is the kind of highlighter you definitely can use on daily basis because they're not going to make you look like disco ball ( like Benefit High Beam or The Balm Marylouminizer sometimes does ).

*I'm sorry that the picture doesn't really show the result, but the highlighter is really subtle T.T*

I can only recommend this powder. You can even use the matte part as a mattifying powder when you apply only a tiny amount of it. It gives a really nice matte but not cakey or dry finish. I love.


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