Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Soap & Glory Cheekmate

I believe almost all of you have -at least- ever heard about the famous Benetint, right? I have already Cha Cha Tint at home and I'm not sure if I really want to spend another 32€ on similar product ( read : Benetint ) , so I kinda put aside the thought of buying Benetint.
Until I found this at Boots in London. I am familiar with the brand Soap & Glory because the skin care products are available in Germany. Soap & Glory, packaging wise, IMHO looks kinda similar to Benefit's. But they are - fortunately -  on the cheaper side.

Soap & Glory Cheekmate Cheek and Lip Stain comes in a transparant pink tube which is total different than Benetint, since Benetint comes in a small - nail polish look alike -  bottle. The tube comes in a retro looking box which reminds me a lot of Benefit's. I like it though, because I love cute packagings ;)

S&G Cheekmate has gel-y consistency unlike the watery Benetint. I personally prefer the gel-y consistency because it makes the application way easier. It's less slippery, and easier to blend. The pigmentation is amazing so you really have to blend it well. 
S&G Cheekmate , when applied on cheeks, gives a natural rosy tint that looks effortless . When applied on lips, it is surprisingly quite vibrant and looks neon under camera's flash.
The staying power is amazing, because it stays really the whole day, especially on the cheeks. It doesn't stay really long on lips, but still longer than normal lipsticks.

*Under flash camera, the color looks so vibrant, but it's actually not that neon in real life*

On cheeks and lips

On cheeks and lips

Overall, I would give this an A because it's an excellent product for the 6,99GBP pricetag. If you have Soap & Glory products available in your country and haven't owned a Benetint, than I recommend you to take a look on this Cheekmate .


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