Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge

Shiseido currently launched their new lipstick range called Lacquer Rouge. According to Shiseido, Lacquer Rouge is basically a rich liquid lipstick that leaves your lips as smooth as lacquer. Shiseido came up with a line of 8 bold and vibrant shades ( They have 8 shades in US and Europe. They have 12 shades in Asia ). 

The Lipstick comes in a typical black shiseido packaging. It has a sponge applicator like a lip gloss. I don't have something to complain about the packaging. I like the simplicity of it, and the sponge is good too. It picks up enough product so I don't have to dip it a couple times.

I took shade #305 Nymph and #404 Disco. After reading some reviews and googling for swatches, I actually wanted to buy only Nymph, but as I tried both on, I failed and took Disco too. I sometimes wonder why I am so impulsive. ( surprise surprise! )

Anyway, the lipsticks are great in quality. They have great pigmentation, nice consistency, and good staying power. I love how they give a glossy-matte finish ( I created the glossy-matte word. Sorry I don't know how to describe it. lol ). It looks like you are wearing a matte lipstick and then layering it with a lip gloss. 
They feel comfortable on lips, but a little bit sticky. They hydrate my lips well, so they are good friends to my dry lips. The staying power is good, nothing really special about it. The glossy effect dissapears after 30 -40 minutes but the rest stay for good 3-4 hours.
I don't notice any scent from the lipsticks,so I guess they are not scented.

Nymph in real life is less pinky than in this picture. You can see a better look on pictures below.

Disco in real life is just as bright as seen on this picture

Overall,I like the lacquer rouge and I think they are worth the price (They retail for 24€).  I think I'm going to use up Nymph soon because it is really suitable for daily basis. It's just the perfect nude color. It's not too pale but also not too pink. I've been wearing it really often to work.
Disco in other hand, is part of fuschia family which I am not really keen of wearing ( Now, please don't ask me why I bought it. I am questioning myself too ). It is really a pretty shade but I won't be wearing it as often as I wear Nymph.


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