Friday, 31 August 2012

Paul & Joe Protective Foundation Primer SPF 40++

My first make up kit ( including foundation, powder, blush and lipstick ) was from Paul & Joe. I still remember when my mom bought me a beauty pouch full of Paul&Joe make up products when I was 16 and I was so happy because they looked really pretty.
My lovely relationship with Paul&Joe continues until now. Unfortunately, they're not available in Germany ( no surprise T.T ) , even though I still can get them online through ASOS or Beautybay.

As I visited Harrods - London on holiday, I was so excited to spot Paul&Joe make up counter. The sales assistant was so helpful and friendly and well informed about the products. I really like it, when sales assistants are really well trained, and friendly, they make me want to buy more. lol.
As much as I wanted to buy almost everything ( mostly because of their beautiful packaging. :p ), I ended up buying only 2 products. One is a foundation primer which I'm going to review in this post, and a highlighter powder which I'm going to review in separated post. 

Okay, now to the product. It comes in a beautiful mini tube which contains 26,9ml of product. It's not a generous amount, as most face products contain at least 30ml. But the packaging is nice and made from good quality material, and so Paul&Joe with the beatiful flower print .




The product itself is a foundation primer, or for me it feels like tinted moisturizer. It has a realy sheer coverage but it provides a nice base before applying our daily foundation routine. What I love about it, is that it has SPF  40++ and UV protection so I don't have to wear sun screen underneath my foundation which I hate because sun screen makes my face even more greasy and oily.
This primer also claims to have good oil control , and it really does what it claims. I feel my foundation stays on longer over this primer and less greasy. I also feel that my skin is well hydrated . The coverage is a bit too sheer to be worn by itself,  but it's great as a base because after I apply foundation over it, it doesn't feel like I'm wearing a mask or too much make up.
The primer is lightly scented, smells like typical Paul&Joe products ( if you're familiar with it ) . I would say, it's a bit floral and I personally like the scent.

Overall, I love this primer and recommend this to all of you who have combination to oily skin. It retails for ( approx. ) 20 GBP.

Have you ever tried any Paul&Joe make up ?

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