Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Jade Imperial

YSL has one of the best nail polishes among other high end brands I have ever tried ( Chanel, you are way behind! ). And nowadays I have been coveting more and more high end nail polishes because in the end, I finally realized the difference between high end and drugstore nail polishes ( of course, drugstore got some brilliant nail polishes too e.g. Sally Hansen, and Essie ) , but sometimes let's admit we all enjoy having beautiful things , yes? :-D. 

Jade Imperial is one famous shade. It is a kind of complex shade to describe ( or I am just bad at describing color. :p ). It looks like musky jade blueish-green. It has a hint of mint to it and the color is just not your regular minty shade. From a far, it kind of looks like Tiffany blue shade, but it is actually more green to blue if you take a closer look ( Okay I should stop here.. ) . 

The formula is so lovely. It applies evenly and needs only 1 layer to get opaque. I always apply 2 layers anyway but yeah it is such a pleasant to apply. The wide flat brush makes the application even better. Seriously I think other nail polish brands should copy the brush. It stays on my nails for a solid 7 days with Sally Hansen Insta Dry as topcoat. 
The packaging is nice, I have nothing to complain about it. I do think it is worth the €24 price tag.

PS : How are you guys doing lately? I am still enjoying the rest of my summer holiday. Uni will start in October and it will be my last semester before internship and thesis so I am kind of excited , not to the fact that uni will start soon, but more to the fact that I am almost done with my study. lol. 
The weather has been chilly and windy lately which I love way better than scorching summer days. I can sense the smell of autumn on its way. I wish we could just have autumn all the year and maybe a few snowy days for christmas xD. Are you also an autumn girl like me?


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