Friday, 5 September 2014

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi Colour

Do you have particular make up product that you were really excited to try it on, ended up not liking it at all that it took you sooo long to write a review about it? That is what I felt towards this particular 3in1 product from Chanel. It is such a beauty to look at and to have, alone the case is such a pleasant to just sit there on your dressing table but when the quality is just barely there.... I guess it is true that inner beauty is what is important.

So first of all, I did read a lot of reviews before getting this powder. The reviews I found on the internet were a mix between positive, negative, and confuse ( just like what I feel at the moment . lol ). But because I am a stone head, despite of all the negative reviews, I still bought this powder at the duty free ( Who else also has this splurge rush every time you are at duty free? Because I always do ).
Anyway, this powder supposed to be 3in1, highlighter, bronzer and blush. Sadly none of them worked for me. The pigmentation is just barely there. It took me gazillion layers to achieve the swatch pict above. The blush is poorly pigmented and it is almost impossible to make it appear on the cheeks. The bronzer, man you can just forget it. The highlighter is probably the best out of 3 but still I wouldn't pay €52 only for a subtle highlighter that needs at least 3 layers to be visible ( the blush needs at least 6 and the bronzer...  just forget it, okay? Oh and I tried to mix 3 of them and ended up having a very pale pink powder with subtle shimmer that would only show up on the fairest complexion, like maybe MAC NC 0 if they existed ??? ).
The only good thing about this powder is the packaging. The case is just beautiful. It is the same case you got for the Les Beiges powder. It is weighty, pretty and luxurious.
Overall I am truly disappointed with this product but more, I am disappointed with myself. Why did I even buy this???
Oh and sorry I did try to take pict of myself wearing the highlighter,blush and bronzer but none of them showed up on camera so yeah...
Did any of you buy this ??

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