Saturday, 30 August 2014

IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Eyeshadow Palette

For the past few months, I have been addicted to It is basically a local based blog sale, like ebay in less complicated way. People can sell new or second hand clothing items, shoes, bags, make up, perfumes, etc and you can really find great bargains there. And not only that, you can also sell your stuffs that you no longer wear. I have so many clothes, shoes, or make ups that I barely wear and ended up piling up my already packed apartment, so Kleiderkreisel helped me a lot to get rid off the unwanted stuffs and earn extra money I could always use to get myself new stuffs ( devil circle, I know :P )

This eye shadow palette from IT cosmetics for instance, is one example of a great find / bargain. The brand is not available to get in Germany either online or in store, but It has been receiving a lot of positive reviews from the beauty community. Its Bye Bye Redness camouflage is also staple in my make up bag. So when I spotted this palette on the website for only €20 in very mint condition ( only 3 shades have been swatched ), I couldn't resist.

The palette comes in a pale dusty pink packaging. I love dusty pink so the packaging itself had been calling my name. lol. The palette has a unique velvety case that is unlike anything I have seen before. However, the outer case tends to get dirty easily and the pale color doesn't help either. So even though the packaging is new and unique, it is not really practical.
But lets forget about the packaging and take a moment to appreciate the brilliant pallete!
Okay , first of all, I am not a huge fan of matte eye shadows as they tend to look dull on my lids. But after wearing a lot of shimmery eye shadows, I got tired and wanted something new. And matte eyeshadows will always come in handy as blending shades or to soften the edges of any smokey eye look. 
The palette comes with 14 all  matte shades and 1 ( brilliant idea! ) pearl transforming shade. So that means you get 2 different finish from all the 14 shades ( whoever came up with this idea, man you are one make up genie! ). I was already impressed enough to see the color selection and the transforming shade idea until I touched the shadows.. Unlike typical matte shades who are mostly dry, chalky and poor pigmented, these shades are so smooth ( almost bordering creamy ) and bloody pigmented in one swipe! They tend to get a bit messy and loose on the pan though, but don't worry because they don't get powdery on the lids. These are the first matte shades that show boldly on my lids without any help from primer.  According to itcosmetics, the eyeshadows are formulated with anti aging ingredients, which only makes it get better.
The color selection is another joy I got from this palette. It has a good mix varied from light to dark earth tone shades. Any matte shades you could think of to create day to night look, you can find from this palette.
If I have to pick one con for this palette, aside of the packaging, I would say that the transforming pearl shade doesn't really do its job very well. It tends to wash out the color of the matte shades instead of making it pearlescent . The pearl shade is a bit too pigmented as a 'top coat' but I am already very happy with all matte shades and actually don't really want to make them shimmery.

My overall thought?? LOVE!
This is a strong candidate to become one of the best eye shadow palette I have ever encountered. The quality is top notch I can never recommend it enough.. If you are on the hunt for a new eye shadow palette, do give it a go, even when you are not a fan of matte shades, just try this one first because I am quite sure it will change your opinion.


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