Saturday, 27 September 2014

Light Wonder

During the summer sale , I ordered few things from Net-a-porter and managed to sneak some Charlotte Tilbury items ( got to take advantage of the free shipping xD ). One of my picks was this youth boosting foundation . I have seen this foundation from Lilly Pebbles and it looked very radiant on her skin, so as a foundation junkie, I needed to give it a try!

The foundation comes in a plastic bottle container. But even though it is plastic, the bottle weighs well and feels sturdy. I personally like this packaging and it is functional because we are supposed to give it a shake before use as the foundation is quite runny.
I picked up the shade number 4, it is described as a fair with yellow undertone which is very true. The shade matches my complexion well and is very similar to Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation also in number 4.
Texture wise, this foundation has light-runny-watery texture. It is similar to Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. The formula is very thin and lightweight and it also feels very lightweight on the skin. The coverage however is very buildable. It applies light on the first layer but after second layer it provides a light-semi medium coverage. I also don't find it streaky or patchy when layered. When I am in hurry, I like to apply this foundation with my finger and it will provide a very natural and luminous finish as if my face is just glowing like that. It is not enough to cover all the redness and blemishes but the natural barely there coverage is very nice.
When I am in need of more coverage, I apply it with foundation brush and it provides more coverage but less luminous ( not in a bad way though ). I love the versatility of this foundation.
On my combination skin, this foundation keeps up the oil at its bay for a decent hours. I do need to blot my T-Zone after 4-5 hours but that's it really. I don't notice any greasiness despite of its glowy and luminous finish.
The longevity however is not very good. I think it is because of the lightweight formula. The foundation starts to fade after ca.5 hours and I need to touch it up. 

Overall, I have been enjoying this foundation esp for low key days when I need to run errands, go to groceries and don't really bother to put on a full face make up. I love the healthy luminous glow it delivers and I can imagine it will work great in winter.

This foundation retails for €37 / 40 ml which is not cheap but considering it contains 10ml more of average liquid foundation, I think the price is reasonable.

Have you tried anything from Charlotte Tilbury?

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