Thursday, 11 September 2014

Anna Sui Liquid Foundation

I think I have found a strong candidate for my favorite liquid foundation ever ( edit : I recently tried Tom Frod traceless perfecting finish foundation and it def took the throne away from this one from Anna Sui.. But well TF is 3x more expensive, so I guess this too deserves a high applaud ), and for a foundation junkie like I am, that is a strong statement..

On my -not so - recent trip to Indonesia , I bought this foundation on a whim, mainly because it was lots cheaper there compare to the price in Germany ( available through ). This foundation costs Rp 380.000 or ca. € 24 and asos sells it for €43,95 so that's why I thought it was a great deal!
First of all , let's talk about the packaging. The foundation is haused in a heavy-sturdy glass bottle with Anna Sui trademark print embossed all over it. The bottle is heart shaped and comes with a pump spender which is awesome. The packaging itself is already a highlight for me.
Beside the packaging, the foundation itself didn't disappoint me. The foundation has thick liquid consistency but it blends effortlessly. It literally melts into my skin and they become one ( no exaggerating here ). It provides medium to full coverage but feels very lightweight on the skin. The finish is flawless yet remains natural and not mask-like. I love that it evens out my complexion and covers up imperfections in a very natural way. My skin looks as if it is naturally flawless ( which it is not at all . lol . ) . I have more foundation than I ever need, that's why it takes a very good foundation to awe me. This one certainly does. The first time I applied it, I couldn't stop looking at my reflection in the mirror ( major vain detected! ), it was just flawless!! 
The staying power is great as well. I usually pair it with Too Faced Poreless Primer and they work wonder together! This foundation is my go to if I am having a long day. 
The finish is semi matte with subtle glow peeking through. I usually don't set it with powder though the oil control is very good. I only need to blot after few hours.  
I always apply this foundation with a buffing brush because of the thick consistency. I once tried using beauty blender but it took ages to blend.

If I need to pick one con, it will be the shades. My shade is number 201 and it is a tick too pale for my complexion. I remember struggling to find the right shade for my complexion because they didn't have a wide range to choose. I can imagine people with darker complexion won't be able to enjoy this foundation.

One thing to notice is that this foundation is heavily scented with Anna Sui trademark rose scent, so if you are sensitive to scent, def give this a smell first.

Overall, I am very very happy with this foundation and will definitely repurchase!


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