Wednesday, 24 September 2014


My encounters with Benefit have been hits and misses. Some products I really love but some products I really dislike. 
As a blush lover, I couldn't resist to give the newly launched Majorette a try, especially after some reviews I read being positive.  

Majorette is a cream blush with cream to powder finish. I have tried some Benefit blushes but never owned any of them. I found them good but never really wowed me to buy the full size. I didn't try this cream blush prior to purchase because I ordered it online.
Majorette is housed in a cute retro looking cardboard packaging. It doesn't come with extra box which even though I know the box would be a waste, I expected it to be packed more 'luxurious' for €34,99 that I paid.

The blush itself is embossed with a nice but rather unnecessary floral-sun? print. The print rubbed off after ca.3 application so I don't really see why they did it in the first place. lol. The blush has creamy texture that dries up to powdery finish . Not as dry as the ones from Chanel but similar. It applies easily and blends nicely. I find that stippling brush works better than using fingertips. The pigmentation is okay but once applied on the cheeks, it is rather sheer. It is buildable though, but I think this blush will work better for paler complexion ( I am MAC NC 20 btw ). The blush comes only in 1 color ( if this comes out good, maybe Benefit will release more color in the future ? ) which is a very nice apricot-coral shade. It might look orange on the swatch but don't worry it is very sheer that it doesn't appear orange on the cheeks. The finish is matte and powdery so if you want to achieve a sheer glow from cream blush, this might not be what you're looking for.

Judging alone from the performance, I think this blush is a good product but nothing exceptional. It might work well as a cream base blush to prolong the wear of powder blush but alone, it doesn't have good staying power. I got only 3-4 hours wear before it completely gone. The packaging is cute but I have seen better packaging for the same price ( e.g Burberry sheer glow blushes are on the same price range and they got wayyyy better packaging ). The blush has a very nice subtle pomegranate scent which I really like. In fact, the scent is what I like the most from the blush. lol.
For me, this cream blush is not something I will reach often. I prefer the creamier version of cream blush from Stila convertible color.

Are you more a cream or powder blush kind of girl? What is your favourite product from the brand?

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