Monday, 8 September 2014

Givenchy Le Rouge Lipsticks

This particular lipstick range has been receiving a lot of positive reviews, ( e.g. here and here ) and as lipstick junkie, I just knew I had to give them a try xD

I was actually going to get only one shade, but the Givenchy lady was soooo lovely so I spent quite a lot of time at the counter, trying on a lot of shades and foundation and blushes as well. I almost bought the foundation but decided to give it more try and ended up with 2 lipsticks.

#Rose Dentelle is a shade I had on my mind even before visiting the counter. I wanted to get a nice  wearable light pink shade for daily use. I even promised myself not to get any red shades as I have already too many red shades and tbh I don't wear them as often as I wear my 'neutral' shades.  So Rose Dentelle is the perfect shade I was looking for. It is a warm medium nude pink with a very light peachy hint. The shade is actually deeper in person as it is seen in picture above.

#Carmin Escarpin is actually a shade I didn't plan to get as I  promised myself not to buy any red shades from the line. But I guess I just loved red lipsticks a little bit too much. Carmin Escarpin is a tomato red with a hint of orange. The shade reminds me of Tom Ford Wild Ginger, only this one has less orange to it and has different finish.

Both shades have equal quality and identical texture. So it is safe to say that all the shades in this range has the same quality ( e.g. Some lipsticks ' qualities vary depends on shades ). Both has very creamy and emollient texture but not slippery. The finish is creamy semi matte. I usually avoid semi matte lipsticks as they tend to be waxy but these ones are different story.
The pigmentation is the bomb, it takes literally one swipe to be opaque. However, they have tendency to bleed because of the creaminess I guess, so lip liner would be handy esp for the deeper shades. They apply effortlessly and don't set into lip lines despite of the semi matte finish. One thing that annoys me a bit ( but might be a good news for some of you! ) is that these lipsticks are not scented and they smell like an odd bittery scent I can't really describe. Oh and the longevity is good!
The packaging is also very luxurious, just what you expect from lipsticks that retail for € 34,99. The genuine leather bullet is a bit gimmicky and unnecessary imo as I believe it is also why the price is so high. If they tone down the packaging a bit, they might be able to sell it for less.

Overall , these lipsticks are great. Nice texture, bomb pigmentation, good staying power and pretty packaging, what do else do you want?

Have you tried anything from Givenchy?

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