Sunday, 29 June 2014

Wayne Goss foundation brush

I am a fan of Wayne Goss from Gossmakeupartist.. I find him very genuine and nice and charming ( his winks OMG ) and I like his short informative videos. So when he launched his line of make up brushes I was curious and wanted to order the whole range. Unfortunately it was the time when I was nearly broke after my splurge on a handbag. 

So I kind of forgot about the brushes until recently I spotted it on a local blog sale.. the brush was sold for €20 in a mint condition, comparing to the original at GBP 38 + GBP 10 shipping, €20 was a steal!

The foundation was to my surprise, pretty small-if not mini. It reminds me directly to my Shiseido foundation brush ( read further for comparison ) . The foundation has sleek black handle with Wayne Goss and 01 printed on it. A lot of people complained about the writings fading after time so I applied a clear top coat to protect it. 
The bristles are made of synthetic fiber and goat hair. It has angled shape and the bristles are not so densed as I thought it would be. The bristles are soft to touch but unfortunately I find it to be very scratchy..It mildly exfoliates and everytime I use it, my cheeks turn red because of the exfoliation. The bristles also absorb quite a lot of products. It blends liquid or cream foundation very well but it takes me awhile to make it flawless and not patchy. I feel like it needs time to buff the foundation into the skin ,the small size is also a little issue.   I tried almost all tipps on the internet but I just couldn't make it work.. 

In comparison to the Shiseido foundation brush, the Wayne Goss brush is less densed and a little bit bigger in size. The Shiseido one is softer and doesn't scratch my skin. The small size is also an issue as it requires more time to apply my foundation on my big big face, but I think it is purposely made to be small to be able to reach some small curves and parts of the face precisely so I will not complain too much about the size.
The Shiseido brush absorbs even more product than the Wayne Goss brush as you can see on the picture above. The shiseido sheers out the foundation and needs more layer to achieve the same coverage provided by Wayne Goss'.
I don't reach for the Shiseido one for foundation application but it works very well to apply concealer under my eyes and also for applying mineral / powder foundation .

Overall, I really want to like this brush as I really like Wayne and I believe he really is passionate with his work and it is no question that this brush is really well and finely made. But I guess it is just not for me. :(


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