Sunday, 22 June 2014

Shu Uemura Lightbulb Foundation

Shu Uemura Lightbulb foundation was long on my wish list. I have heard a lot of good things about this foundation but was not able to get my hands on it because Shu Uemura is not available in Germany. On my recent trip back home to Jakarta and Singapore, I managed to finally pick up this foundation at Changi Airport Duty Free for a very reasonable price ( SGD$ 59 ) !

There were not a lot of shades available at Shu Uemura display at Changi, but luckily after some swatches I found my shade ; Medium Light Amber. It has slightly pink and beige undertone but is a good match for my skin.
The foundation comes in a set together with the sponge. The sponge is sold separately if you want to buy it without the foundation. Shu Uemura claims the sponge to be 'not just another beauty sponge'. It has high quality dense material and it is supposed to provide a flawless application. I personally like the sponge but I don't see anything extra ordinary. It is just a sponge with a unique shape. It performs well but the Real Technique sponge also performs just as good. And the white color is really a bad idea for my inner OCD. It is almost an impossible task to make it appear completely white after use  ( only the brush cleanser from Daiso can clean it completely but I have to soak it in water and the soap for a night ) .  Interesting is, that I find the sponge doesn't work in harmony with the lightbulb foundation. I find the foundation applies cakey and patchy when it is applied with the sponge. I don't have any problem when using the sponge for other foundation though. Weird, isn't it?
Anyway, when it is applied with brush, the foundation performs very well.  It has decent coverage and gives a very distinct glow so it lives up to the claim. The glow however could be a little bit too much for my combination skin especially in summer. So I usually top it with setting powder but the powder doesn't overcome the glow, it just 'calms' it a little bit so I don't end up looking like a greasy ball.
The foundation has creamy liquid texture. It applies smoothly and evenly. It definitely brightens up my complexion so I have to apply quite a lot of product to my neck otherwise I'll end up having 2 tone neck and face,  lol. Despite of the decent medium-full coverage, this foundation is lightweight and will not feel too much on the skin.
The longevity is great. I need to blot and retouch with powder every 3-4 hours which is fine for me and since this foundation doesn't promise anything in terms of oil control, I think I should not look at it as minus point.
This foundation is strongly scented, if you have sensitive nose then make sure you give it a smell before.

Overall I think this is a great foundation for dry to combination skin but maybe not a good idea for oily skin.. I will not reach for it a lot in summer, but I am sure it will work excellent in winter when my skin is getting a bit dryer.
Have you tried any foundation from Shu Uemura?


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