Wednesday, 4 June 2014

999 Red

I've purchased this lipstick for quite awhile but totally forgot to review it on the blog. It was another impulsive purchase since I already have 10000000 red lipsticks. But this is a good one so I think it deserves a review :-D!

I have never tried any lipstick from Dior but this one is a good start! I was mainly browsing the Dior display at a dept. store and since it was only a display, not a counter, there was no SA at that moment so I had enough time to browse around by myself.. Then I realized the dept. store was having 20% off all lipsticks from the beauty department so of course I had to take the chance, agree?!
I picked up the shade number 999 - Rouge Ara. It is a bright classic chili red, not as vibrant as the Rimmel Apocalipse in Big Bang, but not as dark as Shiseido RD 514. It has creamy-semi glossy finish. The texture is creamy and emollient, very comfortable on the lips and such an ease to apply. The pigmentation is great and it is not drying either.
The formula reminds me slightly of my Holy Grail high end lipstick of all time ; the Burberry Lip Cover. Only the Dior one is creamier hence the staying power is not as long as the Burberry one.
Packaging wise, it comes in a navy blue bullet with Dior 'Lady Carnage' print all over it. The packaging doesn't look as luxurios as the Burberry in my opinion but it is well made and sturdy. The lipstick is mildly scented, a floral-powdery scent but nothing overwhelming.

The biggest downside with this lipstick is the price. It retails for €34,99 for 3,5gr. Definitely overpriced as Burberry costs 'only' €26 or Chanel at €28-€32 for the same amount of product. 
Rouge Dior Rouge lipstick is def a high end quality but I do think it is too expensive for what it is. I'm glad I managed to get it at 20% off. xD

Have you tried any Dior lipstick?

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