Friday, 6 June 2014

KATE Powderless Liquid for COVER

This foundation was gifted to me from Sharlynn from Theblackmentosbeautybox in our beauty swap. Kate is a daughter brand from Kanebo, widely available in some Asian countries. Powderless liquid sounds promising so I was so excited to try this one!


The foundation comes in a plastic bottle with a big pump. The packaging is not the most beautiful I've seen but it is practical, though a bit bulky. 
My shade is OC-B which has beige-yellow undertone. I asked Sharlynn to choose the right shade for me and she did well, because our shades are similar.
The consistency is very thick and it is not easily blend able.. I find application with brush tend to get streaky so I prefer damped sponge / beauty blender. The foundation delivers matte - powdery finish but nothing mask-like or dull on my combination skin. Instead, once it is well set, my skin looks flawless  and very even! The coverage is decent and I can go on without concealer which a plus point. As the foundation dries up to completely matte finish, I don't need to powder it as well upon application. 
Some people complain that this foundation clogs pores and accentuates dry patches like crazy but fortunately it doesn't happen to me. I don't think this foundation is clogging my pores, but it really can accentuate dry patches which I think is quite normal for a matte foundation, so make sure your skin is well moisturized beforehand. Keep in mind that this is medium- full coverage foundation so it does feel a bit heavy and def not lightweight. This foundation is also not very build able as it can get cakey when it's layered up. But for me, one layer of this foundation is enough to even out my complexion and cover up some rednesses/blemishes. 
The staying power is just okay though. I need to blot my Tzone after 4-5 hours , so it doesn't stay completely matte for a long time. 

Overall, I think this foundation is a good one if you want more coverage and matte finish. The price point is not cheap for a drugstore foundation at S$ 35 but I think it performs well. 
I won't recommend it if you have dry skin though, but normal-oily skin will find this foundation enjoyable. 


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