Sunday, 8 June 2014

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner

Dolly Wink is probably the most talked about and favored liquid pen eye liner among the beauty community.  The brand is famous for its eye lashes, eyeliner and other eye make up stuffs like mascara, brow gel, etc.. I am not familiar with the muse slash owner, Tsubasa Masuwaka, but she looks so pretty and kawaii in all the Dolly Wink packaging. I can't believe she is actually a mom!! 
Anyway, during my recent trip to Asia, I picked up this famous liquid pen eyeliner. 

The packaging is typical asian cosmetics, very cute and eye catching! The pen itself is pink and covered with light purple flowers. The tip is very thin, sharp and precise which makes the application easy and almost foolproof.  The pigmentation however, is not as jet-black as I imagined it to be. I find that my Kiss me Heroine liquid pen eyeliner is more deep black. But the pigmentation doesn't really bother me. 
The consistency is a bit watery and it doesn't dry very fast, so make sure you have to give it some times to dry before you blink, otherwise you'll end up with eyeliner smearing all over the lids. 
One thing I notice is that this eyeliner is not waterproof, so it does smudge on me after some hours which is inevitable for my watery eyes and oily lids. It is long wearing though, for something that is not waterproof, but I wish it was waterproof so maybe it'd stay on even longer. 
Price wise, I bought it for Rp 215.000 or ca. 14€ / US$19 which is not cheap but I think it performs pretty well though unfortunately not good enough that I'd repurchase it. 

PS : How is the weather where you live? We have 34'C today which is the hottest for June for the past 50 years!! I stay at home though since I hate warm weather. LOL. 

Have you tried this eyeliner? What is your HG eyeliner?

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