Sunday, 1 June 2014

DIOR Addict Fluid Stick - Review and Swatches

It took me awhile to finally get my hands on this new lip product from Dior. Since it has been literally everywhere, I just couldn't resist to give it a try. 

I picked up the shade #479 - Magique. I promised myself not to pick up any reddish shade as I have already too many reds on my stash. So I went for pink instead. The BA was so lovely and she gave me a sample of 4 other shades, so here I am able to do swatches of the shades :

#479-Magique is a medium pink. It is slightly cool toned but still appears warm enough against my complexion.

#754 - Pandora is probably one of the most famous shade on the range. It is a reddish raspberry shade.

#575 - Wonderland is similar to Pandora, only a tad lighter and leans more to fuchsia. 

#551 - Aventure is a beautiful orange shade, it is on my bucket list now.

#338 - Mirage is a peachy nude shade which I surprisingly like. It is on my bucket list as well , maybe I will consider to get it in duty free when it's much cheaper. 

Magique is actually lighter in real life, the lighting made it look darker here.

Dior claims it to be a hybrid lip product, something that is not a lipstick nor a lip gloss, something in between I'd say.  The first time I tried it on at Dior counter, I fell in love instantly. I love how it feels a bit 'cooling' on the lips and how smooth it applies. The formula is indeed no lipstick or lip gloss. It is more like the slightly thicker glossy stain, with less drying formula and less alcohol-y feeling. Right after application, it feels a bit sticky but soon the stickiness disappears and comes a balmy feeling on the lips. It feels hydrating and it is indeed not drying at all. 
The product is very lightweight but has decent color pay off. All the 5 shades I've tried have great pigmentation. It is water based and not waxy based as most lip products, hence the feather light texture. 
In comparison to the YSL glossy stain, the Dior Fluid Stick is less sticky and appears more even. The color fades gradually and doesn't set to the lip edges like the glossy stain does. I prefer the Dior ones way better than the YSL ones. Dior also beats YSL in terms of packaging in my opinion.
In comparison to Lancome lip lover, they're both completely different products in my opinion even though both claim to be a mix between  lipstick and lip gloss. Lip lover is more a lip gloss with thicker consistency while fluid stick is really something in between. Lip lover applies sheerer while fluid stick is more opaque. Both are great products and I cant really choose 1 out of 2 because they are really different. 
If you want lip gloss, go for the lip lover. But if you want 'lip stain' then go for the fluid stick. OR if you have problem like I do, go for both. :p

overall, the fluid sticks dont disappoint me and I am very likely getting other shades. 
Which color  from the range do you like the most?


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