Thursday, 19 June 2014

Silk Blossom

I am a fan of Jo Malone.. I love their simple and unique scents, their packaging, their concept and their impeccable service.
I first saw Silk Blossom, their newly launched limited edition, during my trip to Singapore. But it was extremely marked up there so I didn't even sniff it. When I'm back in Berlin and on my 1st day back to work after holiday, I saw a big display of Silk Blossom at Jo Malone counter in a dept. store where I work . The pink display and the white-pink tassels.. I knew I wouldn't be able to say no... 

Jo Malone has a very poetic description of Silk Blossom on its website :

Nature’s blooms at their most tempting. The nectarous, pink-fringed pompoms of Silk Blossom. Irresistible to hummingbirds and butterflies. Apricot-fresh with a touch of spice. Airy with clouds of powder-soft heliotrope, nestling on a bed of moss. Fruity and enticing.

Silk Blossom has moss and heliotrope as its base notes, rose petals, jasmine and silk tree blossom as middle notes and apricot , bergamot and white pepper as top notes. 
Silk Blossom smells mainly floral , fruity and powdery to me.. I can't really notice its spicy notes which is a pity because I would love it to be more spicy. It smells very powdery and floral upon spraying but then transforms into something zesty and fruity after awhile ( I guess the apricot.. )  which I am not a fan of.. I would prefer it to stay floral and powdery because the zesty scent makes it rather generic, reminds me of cheap spray colognes I had when I was a little girl. 

In general, Silk Blossom reminds me a little bit of Peony and Blush Suede.. But Peony and Blush Suede doesn't transform into zesty scent which makes it way better version in the floral-powdery category. 

Besides the rather generic scent, the longevity is also disappointing. I have some Jo Malone colognes and I must say they stay on very well.. But this one stays on for literally 1-2 hour then completely disappear which can't be tolerate for the price. 

Have you tried any Jo Malone cologne? Which one is your favorite?

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