Friday, 30 May 2014

Holiday Haul... and some life updates

Hi guys! How are you doing?? After 2 weeks of holiday in Jakarta-my hometown and Singapore, I am finally back to sunny but breezy Berlin. Of course it is not easy for me to adjust my holiday mood back to 'reality' with work and uni but life doesn't have any rewind or pause button so I'd better adjust!
My holiday was amazing. I spent mostly my time with family, and good friends of mine - eating local food that I've missed and visiting a lot of new hang out places in town. 2 weeks was not enough at all. That's why now I am having hard time adjusting myself to my Berlin routine. 

Anyway, before my holiday, I promised myself not to buy too many make up and focus more on spending for asian skin care which I did, but still, I bought some make up as well ( how could I resist?? ) So, here is the damage I made..

click for larger view

some duty free perfume deals I couldn't resist..

Finally managed to stock up on my holy grail Josie Maran Argan Oil, 20% off from Sephora Singapore!

I was 2 days in Singapore during my holiday, and was so lucky because Sephora Singapore was having 20% off all store for Sephora member . I was not a member but one Sephora lady told me about the promo and asked me to become the member so I joined and got 20% off my purchase that day. The prices at Sephora Singapore are slightly more expensive than in the USA, but with the 20% off ( + 7% VAT Refund if you are not Singaporean and spend more than SGD 100 in one receipt ), I think the prices are okay. They have a lot of brands that are not available in stores in Germany like Tarte, Josie Maran, Marc Jacobs Beauty ( I tried both of their foundations but they didn't wow me.. the blushes felt powdery and not pigmented enough, the eyeliners were okay but not good enough for the price, so I picked up only 1 lipstick which turned out that the color I picked up was the wrong color. #annoying! ) , Too faced, Urban Decay, Make Up Forever, Shu Uemura, etc etc.. 
I shopped a lot at watsons as well, mostly cute - kawaii asian make up and face sheet masks.. 

Judging from my haul, I think I will have enough blogging material for the rest of the year. lol.

Anyway, here are some pictures from my holiday, which most of them I'd already posted on instagram, but if you don't have instagram, there you go!

The cloudy Singapore captured from my hotel window

asian snacks and Garrett Popcorn! my faves!


Mom and daughters moment

My 1st time trying TWG Macarons and was positively surprised! 

I couldn't get enough of these capsule machines!

It was heartbreaking for me to say goodbye to my family and friends after 2 weeks together but my family will come and visit me in 2 months so I am excited! I will also finish my bachelor in a year, and plan to go back to Indonesia afterwards to help my father with his business and also create my own business ( which I am so excited about! ). 

This 2 week holiday had given me a good recharge. For the past year I've been very busy with uni and work, and have barely time to switch off and take some break. I am currently in a phase where I am so bored with Berlin.. I feel homesick almost everyday for the past year which is weird for me because usually I feel very content in Berlin and have no problem living far from home as long as I get to see my family regularly through Skype or once in a year holiday. But this past year has been very very hard for me.. My study contributes the most to my frustration. I even thought to give up my study and just go home and start working with my father ( this thought is still there somewhere in my head, but for now I am determined to finish my last year of uni ). I am lucky to have parents who are very supportive. My parents told me I am free to do what I want and what makes me happy, even if that means I will go home after 5 years of college and Uni with no title. But after long consideration, I decided that I will continue my last 2 terms with less pressure and nothing to lose motto and hopefully I will make it! 

Anyway, enough of my rambling! I am now planning a euro trip for my family who are coming in July! 
Do you have any summer holiday plan?


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