Wednesday, 1 January 2014

YSL Youth Liberator Foundation

Yes! Finally I got my hands on this latest foundation from YSL, the youth liberator foundation. This foundation is ridiculously marked up in Germany. It retails for €64 while it costs only ca.€40 in the UK. But I fortunately know someone working for YSL beauty counter so I managed to get 30% off and paid €44 for it ( still so expensive but it didn't hurt that bad.. :p ). I bought it as a little christmas present for myself and put it inside my christmas sock. ( It took all my self control not to swatch and try it before christmas )

So, to the packaging, this foundation comes in a hefty glass bottle. It has a kind of ombre look, black cap and it goes clear to the bottom part of the bottle. I love the design because it looks shopisticated and expensive ( yes I know how shallow it sounds :p ). The bottle also comes with a pump which is another plus point.
My shade is B 30- beige which is a good match for my skin at the moment. It is a little little bit too light, but I can correct it with powder so no worries, better too light than too dark. 

YSL claims the foundation to be the first serum foundation with glycanacrif complex which revive your skin youthful brightness and seamless complexion. I have the youth liberator serum as well and I like it so I am excited to see how the foundation will perform.
The foundation has thick liquid consistency and the first thing I noticed was the funky scent. It doesn't smell like usual YSL foundation, it smells like a mix between cucumber and something chemical. I don't like the scent but it is not very strong and it doesn't linger on , so it is not a problem for me.
The foundation provides medium to full coverage but despite of the rather thick consistency, it blends very well. I usually apply it with flat top kabuki brush, but it works well with damped beauty sponge as well because the consistency is not watery or runny so the sponge won't absorb the product.
Because of the high coverage, it covers my imperfections such as redness and blemishes very well.  It feels lightweight on the skin and comfortable. And don't worry about the high coverage because the finish is not dull or mask-like.
The finish it delivers is such a flawless satin like finish. It is very slightly dewy and radiant. The finish is so beautiful it is difficult to describe. 

This picture is not photoshopped. It really delivers flawless finish and photographs really well.

As you can see from pictures above, this foundation photographs beautifully. It gives such a face lift - photoshopped effect and my skin looks so flawless ( believe me, it is not that flawless in real life! ). 
My only concern with this foundation ( besides the price ) is oil control and staying power. My skin is actually not oily in winter, but I notice that my T-zone gets noticeably greasy only after 3 - 4 hours application  . The problem is easily solved with blotting powder but of course for the ridiculous price tag, we expect it to be excellent - if not perfect, right?

After a week of trying, it didn't break me out and I am still in love with the finish. I haven't noticed any skin care benefit from it but maybe it needs longer time. Despite of the funky scent and the average oil control, I think this foundation is a very good product, but seriously YSL Germany, why you marked up the price so ridiculously high? 

Have you tried any foundation from YSL?

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