Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Gorila Perfume

I am a huge huge fan of LUSH. It annoys me so bad that I don't have bath tub here inside my small 2 bedroom apartment because I want to try their famous bubble baths soooooo bad T-T.
But without the bubble baths, I still can try their shower gels, bar soaps, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, face mask, etc etc and most of all I end up loving them if not obsessed. 
Just recently, I saw someone posted a LUSH snow fairy perfume on instagram, seriously snow fairy perfume!! So I was on a mission to my local LUSH store to get myself a snow fairy perfume ( I was also hoping they have it's raining men perfume as well ) but too bad they don't carry the line in Germany which is ultimately annoying -__-
However, the SA was very helpful and friendly. She showed me the other perfume range they carry and I fell in love in some of their perfumes. After sniffing almost all the scents they have in store, I ended up with Lust and decided to take the solid one because I haven't tried any solid perfume before and they look very convenient for touch up or traveling. 

Lust is a pure jasmine scent. It is very bold and sensual, in your face kind of scent. A lot of people on the internet even describe it as a 'pornstar' smell -_-". For me, it just smells like a pure jasmine . I am not really a fan of jasmine scent in general, I am always more a rose girl. But the first time I tried Lust on, I just fell in love and I couldn't stop sniffing my wrist. Lust smells very strong and overwhelming the first time you apply it, but it smells very nice when it melts into the skin and warms up.   I usually apply it at least 30 minutes before I leave home and for touch up, I only dab it on to my wrists or neck because you really don't need a lot of product. The SA recommended to 'tone down' Lust with the Vanillary solid perfume but they were out of stock that day. At home, I tried to mix it with Laura Mercier Ambre Vanilla perfume and they both smell sooooooooooo good I almost cry. lol. My boyfriend even noticed the smell and trust me he is the most oblivious person on earth to anything beauty related including perfume because everything smells the same for his nose, but this one he noticed and liked it ( he once misunderstood LUSH Rub rub rub as detergent!! yes detergent, my poor Rub Rub Rub had to go into wash machine.. ). 
The staying power is surprisingly long for a solid perfume which costs only €10,85 / 12gr. The spray version smells a bit different though, not as intense as the solid one and costs way more expensive. I think I'm going to stick with the solid one for awhile and will definitely buy the Vanillary as soon as they are back on stock. 

Have you tried any solid perfume before? What is your favorite?

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