Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Clinique Redness Solution Foundation

I got this foundation for christmas from a friend of mine. Most of my friends know how I love make up and I will always be happy to receive make up as gift. ^^

I am a foundation junkie and I am always happy to try new foundation. This foundation was on my christmas list so I was so happy to get it inside my christmas sock. 
The foundation comes in typical clinique packaging. Design wise, I am not a fan. I meant , how boring it is?? But function wise, the packaging is great. The plastic bottle is light, travel friendly and the nozzle dispenses the right amount of product. 

My friend got me the shade #03 calming ivory. The shade fortunately suits my complexion very well. The texture is thick liquid and a bit creamy. The coverage is medium but it is not build able as it gets cakey really easy. One layer of this foundation provides a decent coverage but the finish is just not appealing. As it is supposed to cancel redness, it does its job pretty well but the texture of this foundation feels a bit chalky and thick ( in a bad way ). The oil control is very low as my entire face gets shiny within 2-3 hours. I do powder my Tzone area ( which I don't really like doing because the foundation is already looking thick and cakey and powder makes it worse ) but still it gets oily very quick. 
On the 1st day testing the foundation, I noticed how my redness looking a bit ruddy after I removed my make up. My skin is actually not really sensitive and it doesn't break out easily so when a foundation breaks me out, than it is a big no no.

I tried my best to capture the cake finish but my camera just didn't cooperate. The lighting blurs the finish and makes it looking fine. But on the 2nd pict, you can see how my T-zone is slightly shiny and the pict was taken just 5-10 minutes after application. 
Overall, this foundation is not suitable for my skin but I can't imagine it will work for dry skin either since the cakey finish will definitely accentuate dry patches. It does cancel out redness as the name advised but it doesn't do anything exceptional that any other regular foundations can't do. 

Have you tried any foundation that you really dislike?

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