Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wings Mascara

Some of you might have noticed how pathetic my lashes are. The existence of my lashes is questionable and no, I am not exaggerating because they are really very short, spare and flat. That's why I don't really like experimenting with mascara because I know no matter how good they are, my lashes will still be very pathetic. T-T

But of course I can't leave mascara. I have to wear it even though I know they can't do much. But a little bit is better than nothing, yes?
Few weeks ago, my sister sent me a little package filled with asian stuffs I can't get in Germany and this mascara from Majollica Majorca is inside the package. 

The mascara comes with plastic wand and the wand is very ordinary, nothing spectacular like Benefit They're Real for example. The tube is relatively small but the design is cute and typical Majolica Majorca. I used to really like their lash expander mascara but then I stopped using it and switched to Benefit They're Real.
This mascara from MM is very ordinary. It is not very black as you can see from this picture below, and the formula is really 'thin', like there is not enough product on the wand. It doesn't really elongate or give volume to my lashes. One thing that it does really good is holding the curl and separating my lashes. It doesn't give spider effect and it gives such a natural effect. But with my lashes, natural effect is not what I am looking for. This mascara is not waterproof but it doesn't smudge easily which is a good point. I like to use it as bottom lash mascara because of the relative small wand and the 'thin' formula. 

Overall I think this mascara is not a bad product and it could maybe perform better on people with better lashes. Because my lashes are actually nothing to begin with. But I think I wouldn't repurchase this.

What is your Holy Grail mascara?

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