Sunday, 5 January 2014

Vintage Romance

This eye shadow palette from Sleek was released around September-October 2013 and I was really attracted to the color selection but I didn't buy it right away mainly because I was not really sure whether this palette was wearable enough.
Since I am still recovering from my missing Urban Decay Naked 3 order ( Hqhair did refund me though, their cust.service is great ), I stumbled upon an amazon seller who sold this palette for only €8 incl. shipping. There it went to my shopping cart.

I won't write much about the packaging since I am sure most of you are familiar with Sleek typical black matte case. I personally like how compact and thin it is, and also the big built in mirror is really practical.

I am loving the names! look how cute they are :-)

Pretty in Paris is a frosted silver with metallic finish. It has good pigmentation and it is so bright so it will work good as highlighter. The texture is smooth despite of the frosty finish.

Meet in Madrid is a frosted muted gold. It is not as vibrant and metallic like pretty in paris but it will work well on the lower lash line to create 'aegyo sal' effect.  The pigmentation is good and the texture is not flaky.

Court in Cannes is medium golden bronze. It has frosted finish as well but it is very wearable on the lids. Pigmentation and texture are fine.

Lust in LA is a muddy darker bronze. It has frosted finish as well. The pigmentation is great, and the texture is buttery and smooth.

Romance in Rome is a blue-ish purple with frosted finish and it has kind of duo chrome touch to it. It has the weakest pigmentation in this palette and it takes more layers to build up the color. The texture is a bit dry and it doesn't apply as evenly as other shades.

Propose in Prague is one of my favorite shade in the palette. It is a warm reddish brown , almost like a burnt peach. It is the only matte shade in this palette. The texture is smooth and applies evenly .

A vow in Venice is another favorite of mine. It is a true berry shade with frosted finish and duo chrome effect. It has buttery texture and smooth application.

Marry in Monte Carlo is a pinkish version of A vow in Venice. They look similar but Marry in Monte Carlo is more pink and frosted. It is very vibrant and pigmentation is great.

Honeymoon in Hollywood is a dark deep berry shade. It has satin finish, almost matte but with a bit silver sparkles. The pigmentation is amazing but the texture is not so buttery.

Bliss in Barcelona is a cool toned eggplant purple shade. It has frosted-duo chrome finish. Pigmentation is rather sheer but it is build able.

Forever in Florence is a dark deep purple with burgundy hint. It has semi matte finish and great pigmentation. The texture is buttery and smooth.

Love in London is a black shade with a bit of silver sparkles. It has satin finish. The pigmentation is great but the application is not very even. 



The palette retails for €8-10 depends on where you get it, and it has 12 eye shadows in it with great quality. This palette might not be for everyone since the shades are not the most neutral, but I love it. This palette is a great value for money, definitely worth every penny.

Here is a FOTD I created using this palette , I tried to make it as wearable as possible even though the shades are very vibrant and bright :

Do you own any Sleek eye shadow palette?
Would you get yourselves this palette as well?

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