Monday, 27 January 2014

The perfect red?

Red is one of my fave color. I love red as clothes, red bags, red shoes, red on the lips, red on the cheeks and red on the nails. Growing up in a Chinese family, my mom is crazy over red. She believes that red is a lucky color. My mom HATES dark color like black, grey, navy ( read : my most loved shades. lol ) so every time I buy - let's say- a blouse in grey , my mom will be like : " Why you always wear dark color?? Don't be like aunty aunty lah. Wear more red, will bring you luck". 
So I grew up having a lot of stuffs in red and kind of believe that red is a lucky color so as much as I love my neutral-dark shades, I still have a lot of stuffs in red.  
Anyway , enough blabbering, I just bought new red nail polish from P2 which I really really like.

It is P2 last forever nail polish #100 in open your heart

Isn't it beautiful ??? Look at how gorgeous the red is. The finish is also very gel-like. I got people asking me if my nails are my real nails. They are opaque in 1 coat but I always apply 2 coats anyway. The formula is excellent and application is easy peasy and smooth. One downside is only that it chips easily. But for €1,99 / 11 ml, I think I can't complain much. 

ps : I am having exams at the moment till the next 3 weeks so please forgive me if my posts are short and less chatty. 

What is your perfect red nail polish? and please wish me luck and success for my exams :D

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