Tuesday, 21 January 2014

YSL Creme de Blush

I actually have done a post on this blush awhile ago, but the quality was awful so I decided to re do the review post since this is my favorite cream blush ever. I am to be honest not a huge fan of cream blush and prefer powder formula, but this cream blush from YSL is an exception. 
The cream blush comes in a typical YSL gold tacky packaging. I am not really a fan. It is quite bulky and space consuming. The golden lid catches finger prints like crazy. But the product itself is excellent so I am not gonna complain much about the packaging.

I have the shade number 02 - Powdery Rose. It is a powdery medium pink, almost like a bright dusty rose shade. The consistency is something between cream and mousse, and it feels powdery at the same time. It has satin-velvety finish on the skin. I really like how natural it looks on the skin, and the color is such a versatile all around shade. The pigmentation is foolproof so you don't need to be extremely careful with application. The staying power is great and it doesn't make my cheeks greasy  or blotchy after a few hours. I usually dab it using my finger then blend it with real techniques stippling brush. The blush is beautifully scented, soft powdery scent which I adore. 

Here is a comparison swatch with Chanel creme blush in revelation. They're both similar in terms of finish and consistency, but Chanel one is lest creamier and more waxy in texture. 
Revelation has more apricot hint to it while Powdery Rose is more pink. I asked my boyfriend if he could tell the difference between these 2 shades and he said both look identical to him and he didn't get it why I spent money for 2 identical shades. ( well, boys will be boys.. )

I'm so sorry for the bad lighting. It has been cloudy and gloomy this past week and my lighting at home is all dim and yellow , I hope you still can see the color T-T

This is by far my HG cream blush. It is expensive at €37,50 but you get 5,5gr of product which is quite generous and gonna last you a long time ( fyi, Chanel cream rouge retails for €33 and contains only 2,5gr of product ).

What is your favorite cream blush?

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