Saturday, 23 November 2013

P2 Mystical Reflection Eye Shadow Palette

I am not into the drugstore LE anymore because there are simply too many of them and I try to buy less drugstore items that I end up not liking and start to invest more on high end brands. But when I saw this latest LE palette from p2, the color selection is just right up my alley so I picked it up.

The palette comes in a flimsy cheap looking - crazy finger print catcher case which I don't like at all. But a nice thing that it comes with a built in mirror and small sponge applicator so it will be good for touch up. 

The color selection is very nice. All 4 cream eye shadows are shimmery. The color pay off is good, I did 2 layers on the swatch picts above.  The texture is very emollient and kind of oily. At first, I applied them without eye shadow primer and they creased like crazy because of the emollient -wet texture, it just didn't set and moved around terribly.
But I love the shades and I still had a little hope they'd make at least a good base, so I tried 2nd time to apply it over a primer, wait a minute and set it with eye shadow powder. They worked well for like 30 minutes before they started to crease again. So eye shadow primer and powder failed to make them set, because they remained wet and slippery on the lids. Applying eye liner over it was a struggle as well. 
Besides of the nice color and pigmentation, I can't really find something nice about this palette. Fortunately it was not very expensive at €4,99 but still I'd better save the money for something else.

Have you got thing you regret buying ,lately?


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