Monday, 18 November 2013

Fuller Fudge

As a fan of the chubby stick for the lips, I was intrigued when I first heard Clinique released chubby stick for the eyes,  but I have read mixed reviews about it on the internet so it took me quite a long time before I finally put an order for it.

Fuller Fudge was actually a wrong purchase. I thought I ordered the other shade ; ample amber but when my order arrived I was surprised it was fuller fudge. I checked my bill once again and realized I clicked the wrong shade.
Fuller Fudge is actually my kind of shade,but I thought I have so many similar shade already that's why I opted for ample amber, I was relieved to see that fuller fudge is actually unlike my other eye shadow sticks.
The shadow tint comes in a identical packaging like the chubby stick for the lips, only the cap has a click mechanism that closes better than the lips version. The stick is a bit bulky imo especially for the eyes but it is not very annoying. It is chubby stick anyway so it's meant to be chubby. :p

Fuller fudge is a bronzy mud-brown with golden shimmers ( not glitters ). The color is similar to kiko eye shadow stick in shade 06, only the kiko one is more muddy and has glitters. The chubby stick has a very nice texture, it is creamy but not slippery. It glides on smoothly and doesn't tug my lids. The texture is similar like maybelline color tattoo but in a stick form. It doesn't set directly after application so it gives time to blend. The pigmentation is perfect too, it is not overly pigmented like the rimmel ones, so it functions perfect as a base and it is def buildable. It doesn't crease on my lids with or without primer, it stays on the whole day as well. I love the fact that the color is mild and subtle, it is something I've been looking for , because I need a subtle eye shadow for uni-days.

Overall, fuller fudge is a nice flattering brown and it looks good solo, so it's great if we don't have a lot of time to do make up in the morning because 2 swipes of fuller fudge is enough. 
I am happy with this 'wrong purchase' and I think I'll get my hands on the ample amber soon ( this time I'll make sure I click the right shade ). 

Have you tried any of the clinique chubby stick?


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