Thursday, 21 November 2013

Etude House Minni Mouse Collection

When I first saw the press release from the Etude House Minnie Mouse collection I was hooked. I wanted them all, as I am a huge fan of Disney. When I found out that one ebay seller started to sell the collection and also for affordable price ( ca. €7 for the lipstick and €11 for the blush ), I impulsively ordered the blush and the pink lipstick. My order took exactly a month to arrive. 

The blush looks just exactly like I imagined it to be. The packaging is so cute and not flimsy. The case is sturdy even though it is made of plastic. The minnie mouse embossed on the blush is also cute and pretty. 

Function wise, the blush is disappointing but I kind of expected that. The pigmentation is very sheer and gives almost no color. When blended together and layer heavily, it gives a very subtle sheer pink, but once applied to the face, it gives no color at all. I tried to apply it as blush on the cheeks but failed to make the color noticeable even after layers. So I tried to use it as all over powder, so I applied it as finishing powder very lightly. It mattifies a little bit and gives a very subtle glow like a healthy color to my face. The finish as all over powder is nice but not very noticeable that I reach for it often. The powder is loosely pressed so it gets dusty on contact with brush. ( That's why I saw a lot of people received the blush broken  because they're not very hard pressed ). 

my attempt to capture the finish using the blush as 'blush' and all over powder.

To the lipstick, I regret that I didn't order the red one. The pink shade is very blue-toned and barbie like. It makes my complexion looking dull and very Jersey Shore. The texture of the lipstick is okay though, it is creamy and the pigmentation is good. Only I have problem that it sets into lip lines even though my lips are well moisturized. The lipstick is also strongly scented that it gives me a bit headache. 

Overall, I'll give thumbs up for the packaging but thumbs down for the products. I can still use the blush as powder but the lipstick is just nothing to begin with. I can't understand why Etude House as asian brand with mostly asian customers came up with colors and shades which are not asian friendly. The lipstick will look lovely on other complexions but asians. Also the very sheer blush is almost useless. 
I like the cute concept but after all , it is the product that counts. So I'm not happy.

Have you tried Etude House products? Or did you order this collection?

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