Thursday, 18 April 2013

The POREfessional

Applying a primer is a step that I usually skip. Mainly because I often forget, or because I am too lazy to apply it or because I don't really see the difference between wearing a primer and not.
But on my last trip to Benefit Brow bar to do my eye brows, the Benefit girl did my make up as well as I came there without make up because I wanted to try the Hello flawless Oxygen foundation. Then she applied this Porefessional before applying the foundation and I was surprised at how smooth , silky and matte my skin felt after applying thing primer.
I didn't buy the primer directly because it is so expensive ( 32€ ) and contains only 22ml of product . But on my trip to Asia, I found this at Dubai Duty Free for only 22€ which is 10€ cheaper so I bought it right away and I didn't regret the purchase.



Porefessional comes in a cute tube packaging which is practical , hygiene and travel friendly. The packaging is cute and retro-like, just as Benefit's trademark packaging.
Porefessional has a smooth creamy powdery consistency, really similar to L'oreal Studio Secrets Face Primer which I used to like a lot. It glides on smoothly on the skin and it minimizes my pores significantly. I notice that my make up stays on better over this primer and also less oily.
It has no color so it can also be applied over make up, but I have not yet tried to apply it over make up, I just don't like the idea of applying primer over make up, sounds cotradictive, doesn't it?

I overall love this primer a lot, but I am not sure if I would buy it with the full pricetag 32€. It contains only 22ml of products and it is just too expensive for the heavy pricetag. To be honest, I think the Studio Secrets primer from L'oreal is just almost as good as this one with only 1/2 of the price. So this is a nice decent product, but definitely overpriced.

Have you tried The Porefessional?


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