Monday, 1 April 2013

ReSkin Solution BB Sun

First disclaimer : This BB Cream was stolen from my sister's stash.;p
She bought it on her trip to Malaysia, at Sephora there for around 50 USD. The price is such a high price for BB Cream, so I was so excited to try it on. I am actually not familiar with the brand, but after some research on internet, I found that it was a korean brand.

Based on the website, this BB Cream promises:
  • strong UV protection SPF 42 PA ++
  • naturally bright skin
  • perfect concealment of pores and blemishes
  • rich in favourite nutrients of the skin
  • non greasy - moisturizing effect
According to the website, this BB Cream contains patent ingredient called Alosome. 


This BB Cream comes in quite of interesting packaging. The packaging is well made and sturdy, it definitely looks high end. The design is also really nice. It also comes with an airless pump that supposed to preserve the content because it blocks out air , preventing the air from destroying the ingredients.

Texture wise, this BB Cream has quite a thick consistency. There's only 1 shade available, so this one should be 'one shade fits all'. 



I had a lot of expectations on this BB Cream, mainly because of the high price and also based on the informations provided on the website. But I had hard time finding the perfect way to apply it without making it looked too thick or maske-y. My real technique buffing brush was def not an option for this BB Cream because the finish was so streaky. So I tried my beauty blender and it worked better than the brush, but still not good enough for me. The last way, was with my fingers and it worked the best, though still not perfect. 
This BB Cream was so grey and ashy even after awhile, it stayed ashy and dull. My face looked like I was ill. It washed me out. It covered my imperfections and evened out the complexion, but it didn't brighten it up. It created such a white cast effect on my face even without flash camera. It was far from natural looking. 
I tried this BB Cream for whole day long at home. I didn't dare to go out because it really didn't look good on me. But I must say, the staying power was good but the oil control wasn't. It looked greasy throughout the day, and I didn't apply powder because I didn't want to make it looked 'thicker'.

I really wanted to like this BB Cream, but I just couldn't.. My sister didn't like it either, so I guess this one was a failed purchase. :(

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