Friday, 26 April 2013

Lancome L'Absolu Rouge #280

I got this lipstick as a birthday gift from my lovely colleague at work. This is my 1st Lancome lipstick, since Lancome is a brand, that I am not really interested in, I don't have any Lancome make up on my stash, yet. So I am happy to get this as a birthday present so I can try it out :D

The lipstick comes in a sleek black bullet with a Lancome golden rose printed on top. The lipstick itself also has a rose logo embossed on it. The packaging is nice and chic, it def looks high end and the bullet is also well made.

I can't find the name of the shade, only the number, which is #280. It is a nude-peach shade with a lot of gold shimmers. It is not my cup of tea, and I don't own any similar shade on my stash mainly because I don't usually attract to this kind of color.

The lipstick has a nice texture. It is smooth and creamy but it is not slippery. It does feel a bit waxy though, like an old fashioned lipstick, if you understand what I meant. It accentuates the lip lines a bit, but not too much, so def apply lip balm or exfoliate your lips before.  The staying power is okay, it lasts on me for 4 hours without major eating.
I have nothing against the quality of this lipstick. Only the color is not my thing. I feel washed out wearing the color, and the golden shimmers are a bit too much and the glitters are flaky as well.  It is nice to try something new and it is nice to have a total different shade in my collection, but I know I wouldn't reach for this often.

What do you think about the color? Do you think it looks too nude for me?


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